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AEROPRESS + Winner Coffee

AEROPRESS + Winner Coffee

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The perfect gift to surprise a fan of good coffee:

One of the new high-end beans, Sumatra awarded 12th place in the Indonesian Araku Gems competition and roasted in micro batches to ensure freshness.

Accompanied by the lightest and fastest coffee maker. With the Aeropress you will prepare smooth specialty coffee that is infinitely less acidic than other extraction methods. Plus, its small size makes it easy to transport from home to anywhere.

They're going to THANK YOU FOREVER .

This bundle includes:

- Sumatra GoA#12 coffee 200gr ground for Aeropress (tell us in comments if you want wholebeans or ground for a different method)
- Aeropress 1-3 cups

- 350 paper filters
- Filter holder
- Dispenser
- Funnel
- Remover

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