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COSTA RICA · El Cabuyal

COSTA RICA · El Cabuyal


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Orange | Cinnamon | Chocolate

Region: Tarrazu
Estate: El Cabuyal, La Ortiga
Coffee Grower: Manuel C. Navarro
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1780 m
Process: Double anaerobic fermentation
Roast: Light
Best Brew: Espresso, V60, Chemex

Why we like it?
With this great grain you can prepare a drink of great organoleptic complexity and extreme smoothness. The controlled double anaerobic process, in which the cherry is fermented first and then the grain with the mucilage, enhances the fruit character as well as being clean and balanced in the cup.

Finca El Cabuyal La Ortiga is in the mountainous region of Tarrazú, which is famous for the quality of its coffees. Manuel Carranza Navarro and María de los Ángeles Molina Navarro received their 2-hectare farm as a wedding gift from María's father. Over the last 10 years, the couple has focused on producing specialty coffee, with micro lots processed with great care during selection, pulping, fermentation and drying.

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